Q: What's Your Online Reputation worth?

A: Everything!

Confidential Online Reputation Repair & Management Experts
Very few Business Relationships are forged without at least a cursory search on Google - Today your Online Reputation is Everything!

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Europe´s Leading Online Reputation Management & Repair Experts.

ScarabORM is a division of Global Risk Intelligence Analysts ArgusGPI.com

ArgusGPI has expended substantial time and resources developing their proprietary
Helios AI Intelligence Platform and suite of Algorithm's enabling us to scan millions of
online sources globally in seconds to provide our clients with Definitive Online Reputation Management.

We work with and are retained by International Law Firms, HNW Individuals, Record Labels, Entertainment Management Agencies & various European TV Networks to Monitor and where necessary Repair the Online Reputations for a variety of their Clients Worldwide ..

If you or a Client has somehow developed a damaged Online Reputation - From relatively simple negative reviews on TripAdvisor, TrustPilot Etc. through to a serious libel we can restore the reputation confidentially, quickly and cost-effectively. After All - What´s Your Reputation Worth?

Online Reputation Protocols

Reputation Repair

Using a combination of proprietary software and established protocols we investigate the extent of the negative content and start repairing the damage.

Positive Content

Using a combination of Web 2.0 Article Sites, Specialist Blogs and our various media networks of Influencers we literally flood the internet with positive content

Reputation Monitoring

We have spent substantial time and resources on developing our Real-time Reputation Monitoring software that trawls the search engines for negative content 24-7

Promote Profile

Using our combined protocols and our media networks we can propel your media profile with influencer endorsements, positive reviews, followers, likes and shares 


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